2018 - So Long!

January 09, 2019 1 Comment

2018 - So Long!

I can't believe another year has come and gone!

This time last year I made the announcement that I was going wholesale with my jewelry designs - and I did. I successfully got several retail stores across the United States who are now carrying my jewelry lines

One store in Alva, OK, - Salt Fork Designs - carries many of my pieces. If you are ever up that way please stop in and look around. They carry tons of unique items, much more than jewelry.

Then end of summer brought with it a flurry of custom orders. Many were similar to other styles I've done, but some were new to me.

This is a ring I made where the client had purchased this nearly flawless amethyst in Israel and needed a setting for it. I was nervous about the project. I didn't want to damage her expensive stone. But I was very pleased with the outcome!

I also decided to take some old designs and refresh them. The pendant and chain below was redesigned from a basic cross pendant I'd made for a class. I flattened the cross, then added the bezel set stone and embellishments. Then I gently domed it once again.

Before it only had a jumpring bail, but I added an articulated pendant with a silver arrowhead embellishment I made from precious metal clay.

The chain is one from another class and the jasper beaded necklace a piece from long ago.



I had several stone that I wanted to set into rings. I had the wide band rings with art deco designs on them I thought what lovely bands they would make for the stones. And they were perfect!

There was one major change that I made near the end of the year after much consideration, I have decided to suspend the jewelry classes until further notice.  I have so many things that I want to do and need to do. 

As most of you know, I am a licensed Realtor, and that is a flourishing career. Also, since I now have stores which carry my jewelry lines, I need plenty of time to supply those orders.

But a new endeavor, a dream resuscitated from decades ago, is writing.

I have now published my first novel and the second in the series is coming very soon.

I would love you to check it out and maybe give it a read. It is currently in ebook format only, but the hardback, audio, and paperback versions are in the works.


The blood drew her. The richness of the red, the thick fluidity, the touch. She was drawn to the blood.

But the blood never lasted. It changed color and dried up. The feeling faded as the blood faded…

A killer in need of blood, intelligent and controlled, left no trace for Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agents Randy Jeffries and Carrie Border.

The agents were seasoned professionals, but this case was testing their limits. With threads of their personal lives threatening to entangle them, would they be able to find the killer, or would they trip and fall over the tangled mess their own lives had become?

To check the book out further, click here or click the cover image above.

Sorry it had been so long since I've posted, but time goes by so quickly...


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Linda Sessoms
Linda Sessoms

February 20, 2020

I just purchased the Kindle version of this on Amazon the other day…Wow! What a wild ride! Sudden death is loosed upon a small Oklahoma town by a killer on the prowl. The blood is the need, and the reason is passion…but whose?
Hard to put down, you may want to schedule uninterrupted time to read this book in one sitting. Nancy Jackson creates characters who come alive in personalities that you may know and care for, even with their questionable but human traits. Heart-pounding escalation and danger threaten everyone—from the killer to nature’s wrath—creating an astounding finale on the central Oklahoma plains!

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