Creativity is Just a Series of Choices

February 06, 2017


When faced with a new project we often just look at that blank canvas, sheet of metal, piece of furniture, etc. and stare at it.

It happens to me too! I can't go to sleep at night because there are just so many creative ideas running through my head. But once I am at the bench my mind often goes blank.


 Then I just make a choice.

 Am I going to make a pair of earrings, a necklace, or a ring?
    I'll make a pair of earrings.

 Am I going to make them out of silver, copper, or brass?
    I'll make them out of silver. So I pull out my silver sheet.

 Am I going to make them round, square, or rectangle?
    I'll make them round.

 How big around and I going to make them?
    I'll make them 1 inch round. So I get my disc cutter out and cut 2 discs 1" round.

 What am I going to add to them?
    I'll add a stone to them. So I pick out 2 matching stones.

 Am I going to texture them or leave them smooth?
    I'll make them textured.  So I hammer a texture on them.

 And on it goes.

 I think so much of the time we can overcome being overwhelmed just by breaking down the creative process into small decisions one at a time.  This method doesn't just apply to making jewelry, but in any creative endeavor!

 Start at the beginning.

     What are you going to make?
     What material are you going to make it out of?
     What shape are you going to make it?
           and on…

 As I have said before so many people have told me that they are just not creative, but if you have ever been faced with a situation where you have had to make a series of decisions in a row to achieve a desired outcome, you are creative.

The only obstacle is that often I have a plan and I get to a step and what to do a certain thing and I don't have the skill set yet to do that.  So I may stop and use scrap and practice until I feel I can then go back to my piece and do that step well.  There is no time limit on getting a creative piece done.  Do it at your own pace.

Give this method a try the next time you get the urge to create something and let me know how it goes for you!

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