Custom Orders Rule!

December 27, 2017

Custom Orders Rule!

This year, 2017, has been an amazing year! This little business has grown beyond anything it has previously done, all thanks to you!

This was the very first year to offer Jewelry Classes, so growth there was 100%. My students were so hungry to learn more and more that I was consistently challenged to grow and develop more and more classes. I have a full array of classes set for January to accommodate the most challenging schedules.  I am also in the process of developing 6 new classes for February. So if you have already taken the classes offered in January, February will hold an entire new offering for you!

The online and in person sales grew as well. Setting up the display room next to the studio has been a great hit. Customers and students love being able to come in and touch, hold and try on all the current pieces. This has increased sales dramatically. Online sales are growing too!

But the one area that was strong from the very beginning and continues to grow are the custom orders!  I love doing custom orders.  They challenge me to do new things with your creative ideas.  Most customers are so trusting to just give me free reign to design a piece for them with just a little suggestion of what they want. Thank you for trusting me to create for you!

Even though this was an outstanding year I know that 2018 will far surpass my dreams and goals. I invite you to be part of this journey with me!

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