Dandelions At Dusk - Silver Cuff

August 11, 2016

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This is a substantial piece of argentium silver!!

The cuff is made from 20 gauge genuine argentium silver sheet.  Then I took 4 gauge low dome half round and 12 gauge square argentium silver wire and fashioned the overlay.

I formed the square wire in the an oval shape, mitering the edges of the wire and fusing them together.  Then I laid the half round wire down and fused the square wire to the half round.  Then laid the completed overlay piece on the sheet and fused together.

The width of the cuff is 1.5 inches.

The stone is petrified Indonesian Palm.  I love these stones!  The look just like the night sky against the ground.  Which made for the perfect stone in a piece depicting fireflies at night and dandelions waving in the breeze.

The little gold dots which represent fireflies are rivets made from sold brass wire.  The little dandelion fronds are argentium silver.

I used a light liver of sulfur patina on this piece.  It isn't real dark and reminds me of dusk and that it is just not quite dark yet.

This is a beautiful piece that will go with many types and colors of clothing.  A statement piece that will last a lifetime and beyond.

To see more pictures and learn more about this piece click HERE.


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