Industrial Dandelion - Silver & Copper Necklace

August 12, 2016

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This is a super cool necklace.  It is long, 30", and looks cool for all your casual outfits!

It has an industrial feel with very little soldering and most cold connections.

The stone is fossilized coral and about 2" long.  I cut a substantial piece of copper sheet metal and then laying the stone on the piece, I drew around it.

I then determined where I wanted tabs to act as prongs and used my jewelers saw to cut the tabs.  I then drilled holes in the remaining area to represent fireflies.

I used argentium silver and created a bezel for the stone to sit in and bent the prongs up along the side of the bezel and soldered the bezel and prongs together and to the backplate.  

Next I fashioned an industrial looking dandelion from argentium wire.  I made two pieces and used a handmade brass rivet to join them together.

The bail is argentium silver and again I used a handmade brass rivet to join together.

The chain is handmade from 24 gauge wire which I wove into a viking knit.  The patina is a liver of sulfur patina.

Once formed and with patina, I set the stone in the bezel and pushed the copper tab prongs down onto the stone.

A little something for everyone!  Don't you love this industrial look?  

CURRENTLY RESERVED - On loan to The Project Box Gallery, 3003 Paseo Dr., OKC, OK until August 24, 2016


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