My Favorite Cuffs

February 07, 2020

My Favorite Cuffs

After over 10 years of making jewelry, I've created dozens and dozens of new pieces. Today I'm going to show you my favorite cuffs.

Rather watch in video? click HERE.

 #10 The Anti-clastic Textured Cuff


I struggled with where to place this cuff in the lineup. Its beauty lies in its simplicity, and a cuff that I wear often.  It is Argentium Silver and completely hand forged, which means it took a lot of physical effort, constant annealing to soften, then more effort. But it is well worth it.


#9 Resting Butterfly Stacking Bangles


This is part of the Resting Butterfly Collection that is out in stores. Each bangle has 3 butterflies spaced evenly around each Argentium Silver bangle. They can be worn singularly, or with other bangles. I personally love the impact they have when worn together.


#8 Monarch Butterfly Etched Cuffs with Alcohol Inks


I’ve etched more cuffs than I can count. I’ve used various patinas and also polished to a high shine. But then I tried alcohol inks, and fell in love. Each one is perfectly different in its own unique way. They are truly Bohemian and rustic. These, and many others are out in stores with the other pieces if the Bohemian Butterfly Collection.


#7 My Beloved Etched & Riveted Cuff


I had created several styles of layered etched brass and copper cuffs where the top layer was riveted onto the bottom. It was a class I taught that was widely popular. My daughter-in-law wanted to make one that said, ‘My Beloved’. I did this one a little different. I applied the patina before removing the etching resist. It left the words with a high shine. I then applied the top layer to the bottom so it was also left at a high shine.


#6 Swirl Cuffs with Stones


These were also made and taught in a class. They are the same, but with two completely different stones. One is Colbaugh and the other is Russian Simbricite. They are made from Argentium Silver and are completely fused. The bezel is a step bezel so that the stone sits high and proud.


#5 Resting Butterfly Linked Bracelet


I cannot tell you how much I love this bracelet. It is delicate and the components were a challenge to make. I love a challenge, and it was so satisfying to see the end result. It was made from Argentium Silver and the tiny brass butterfly is hand etched and cut.


#4 Ribbons & Ruffles Cuff


This was one of several pieces I made in this line. It is made from a brass base, then I formed and soldered on the copper ruffle. The little silver balls and strips are Argentium Silver and laid out to resemble pearls and ribbons. It was truly breathtaking on a wrist.


#3 Honeycomb Painted Cuff


This was made for the Monarch Festival at our local zoo. I made several of this same cuff, but decided to use alcohol inks to paint this one. I truly fell in love with the outcome. The brass base of the cuff is etched with a honeycomb pattern and a bee. I then soldered copper wire in a decorative layout and added Argentium Silver flowers that were hand cut. It was like wearing art on your wrist.


#2 Dandelions and Fireflies Cuff


This is a heavyweight Argentium Silver cuff which I made for a gallery show. The petrified palm stone looked to me like the night sky against the sandy earth. I riveted little brass rivets to resemble fireflies. On one side are small decorations that speak of dandelions.


#1 Custom Riveted Flower Cuff


This cuff was originally made only from brass and copper. A friend of mine saw it and wanted it, but there were so many mistakes that I didn’t want to sell it to her. Then I had the idea to make an entirely new one from silver. I added so much to it. The Argentium Silver is layered. A handcut scroll pattern was textured and fused to the bottom layer.

A substantial square rim was fused around them all. I handmade several silver leaves and added them to the cuff. The flowers were made from three layers of various metal, copper, silver, and brass. I made the little stamen from silver and riveted each flower on to the cuff individually. To see how I did this follow this link above. It turned out beautifully.

 To see and hear more about these cuffs, click HERE.

Cuffs are one of my favorite things to make and wear. Many of these pieces are out at stores currently. Salt Fork Designs in Alva, OK, The Art Escape in Austin, TX, and the Montclair Art Museum Gift Shop in Montclair, NJ.  Check the below to find links to their stores.

Salt Fork Designs in Alva, OK,
The Art Escape in Austin, TX,
The Montclair Art Museum Gift Shop in Montclair, NJ.


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