My Favorite Pendants

January 30, 2020

My Favorite Pendants

I’ve made hundreds of jewelry pieces in my career. Have you ever wondered what my favorite jewelry pieces are? Today I’m going to show you my favorite pendants.

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#8 Dirty Snow Pendants

Both of these pendants are druzy quartz. For an art exhibit where I featured the winter season, these were aptly named - Dirty Snow. The druzy pattern in the center of each stone begged for a unique setting. On the smaller one I fashioned a bezel surrounding half the stone and held the top of the stone in place with 2 square wire posts. The larger pendant is held with a nearly full bezel. Both are done in Argentium Silver.


#7 Snow Flurry Pendant

This piece was also from the same art exhibit. I fused handmade Argentium Silver swirls together in order to replicate the wind. A Precious Metal Clay snowflake was made and set on top of a handcut silver snowflake. Simple but elegant.


#6 Copper and Silver Cross Pendant

This was developed for a class I taught. Layers of copper and silver create dimension and interest in this piece. The 2 layers are held together with ball rivets. The stone is actually made from a copper disc that I hand stamped and domed. It was set in a step bezel just as you would set a stone. The chain is made from square Argentium Silver wire with small handmade crosses interspersed.


#5 Dipping Disc Resting Butterfly Pendant

This pendant is made from a 2 inch Argentium Silver disc which I slightly domed. A secondary circle is cut off center in the disc. The chain is antique brass and from the double jump ring bail hangs another piece of brass chain attached to 2 small copper tubes. Resting in the dip of the circle, is a tiny brass butterfly which I etched and hand cut. It looks as if it just stopped by for a brief rest.


#4 Oval Stone Fan Pendant

I had a student who wanted to learn a design similar to this. I created this pendant along with her in class to teach her the principles. It turned out beautifully. Made from Argentium Silver and will look fantastic on any chain long or short.


#3 Sodalite Pendant and Lapis Chain

Navy is now a great neutral and goes with almost everything. This sodalite stone has tiny Argentium Silver balls adorning each side. They were each individually handmade and fused to the piece. The chain is made from genuine lapis beads and is a beautiful complement to the pendant.


#2 Sonora Sunrise Fan Pendant

Turquoise and red are two of my very favorite colors. This Sonora Sunrise stone has them both. The shape of this stone lent itself to a beautiful fan design. It hangs from a curved bar and is attached to a handmade chain in Argentium Silver.


#1 Square Cross Jasper Pendant w/Cross Chain

This started as a basic cross pendant I made to teach a class with. It is hand sawed and stamped, and then slightly domed. After awhile, I decided to set a large green jasper stone in the center. The overly large shape of the stone was quite dramatic on the chunky cross. The chain is an all time favorite as well. It is made from square Argentium silver wire where I placed hand cut and stamped crosses periodically through the chain. It paired nicely with the jasper beaded necklace.

To view and hear more about these beautiful pendants, click HERE.

Salt Fork Designs in Alva, OK, 
The Art Escape in Austin, TX, 
The Montclair Art Museum Gift Shop in Montclair, NJ. 

Many of these pendants are still available at Salt Fork Designs. Visit their store or take a look at their website.


Before you go, tell me which of these beautiful pendants was your favorite.

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