My Favorite Rings

January 24, 2020 1 Comment

My Favorite Rings

I’ve made hundreds of jewelry pieces in my career. Have you ever wondered what my favorite jewelry pieces are? Today I’m going to show you my favorite rings.

Rather watch on video? video HERE. 

#10 Floating Discs Ring

This is a solid Argentium silver ring. I made two textures discs, one slightly smaller than the other, and textured them with different textures. I then domed the top disc and fused it onto the bottom disc with a large jump ring between to give it height and dimension. Simple and fun to wear.


#9 Wide Band Rings

I had fun with these rings making them in a variety of widths and textures. I took some of them up a notch and added Precious Metal Clay embellishments to look like cigar bands. Great everyday rings.


#8 Sodalite Stone Ring

Sometimes simple is the most stunning. This navy blue sodalite ring is just that, simple and stately. This stone is set in Argentium Silver in a step bezel to lift it up, causing it to look substantial.


#7 Red Slag Glass Ring

This is slag glass in a vivid red. The metal is Argentium Silver. This ring should probably rank higher because it is my personal everyday ring. Yes I wear it with everything, almost every day.


#6 Honeybee Ring

This Argentium Silver ring has a tigers eye stone with a bee I made from Precious Metal Clay. This bee is not glued to the top but fused to a silver tube and set into the stone. Challenging, but rewarding.


#5 Wide Band Floating Stone Ring

This is made just like the wide band rings, but I cut a recess into each side of the opening for the silver tube to fit snugly into. I then fused the tube in place and set a sparkling CZ stone.


#4 Turquoise Cigar Band Ring

This ring has gorgeous genuine turquoise. I set it in a deep step bezel setting, and the band is a wide band with Precious Metal Clay embellishments that look like a cigar band.


#3 Sonora Sunrise Cigar Band Ring

Who doesn’t love the Sonora Sunrise stone? This is made just like the previous ring but with a different stone. It too has a cigar style wide band.


#2 Green Leaf Ring

This is a large ring with a beautiful Chrysocolla Cabochon. There are two handmade leaves adorning one side and three decorative balls on the other. It is so fun to wear. It is another ring I have saved for myself.


#1 Custom Amethyst Ring

This was a custom order. The customer had purchased this stone in Israel and needed a simple classic setting. I bezel set this thick faceted stone. It was a challenge to set the stone in such a way that the setting did not detract from the actual stone. It was a piece I was proud to give back to the customer.


To see and hear more about these rings, check out my YouTube video çHERE. 

Salt Fork Designs in Alva, OK, 
The Art Escape in Austin, TX, 
The Montclair Art Museum Gift Shop in Montclair, NJ. 

Many of these rings are still available at Salt Fork Designs. Visit their store or take a look at their website HERE.


Before you go, tell me which of these beautiful rings was your favorite.


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Dana Owens-DeLong
Dana Owens-DeLong

February 21, 2020

My mother has a jewelry making centrifuge. Do you know anyone interested in buying it?

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