New Beginner Jewelry Tutorial

April 23, 2020

New Beginner Jewelry Tutorial

I just did this cute little project for beginners. I know that when you are first starting out it is challenging to find projects you can make with a limited amount of tools and skills. These are cute and I think anyone no matter their skill level would want to make and wear them. You could also make them out of silver.

This blog will summarize the steps, but because there are a lot of steps, I have a FREE Illustrated Tutorial you can get HERE

You will need to cut out your metal. I made a video tutorial on how to make a template which you can get HERE. When you need simple shapes you may want to repeat, making a template is a huge time saver.
Use your template to also mark where your diagonal line will go on your pieces. Once you mark the spots, use your ruler to draw a straight line across from one to the other.

File the edges and then texture.
Place piece on a steel block and hammer until you have the amount you wish. If you hold your piece at opposite ends with two fingers, there will be less cupping of the metal.

You may now drill your hole at the top for the earring wire. The pieces are now hard so you will need to anneal.
Watch for the rainbow to follow your torch and you move it around the metal. The metal will also be a light cherry red. At that point, the metal is annealed. Quench, pickle, and clean.

Now it is time to form in a concave shape.
Place piece face down centered on swag block. Rest your dowel on the piece and hammer with a mallet or hammer. Rotate and hammer until the entire piece has an even dome shape. This will over dome, but is necessary to get an even look.

Take out the pieces and lay them face up on a hard surface. Using your leather mallet, tap the face of the piece to flatten out the curve until your have a look that you desire.

Now it is time to patina.
For brass and copper, I love Midas Black/Brown Patina. It give a rich dark brown color to the metal. Put a small amount of patine in a small glass container and then put in your pieces. Swirl them around until completely covered and darl.

Remove and rinse. Dry thoroughly and then use 0000 steel wool to brush back the desired amount of patina. Polish as desired and add earring wires.

Full instruction can be found in the VIDEO as well as the ILLUSTRATED TUTORIAL.

This is a small sample of the tutorials that beginners receive in my monthly Beginner Jewelry Membership Group for only $17 a month. My students receive a Rio Grande discount could easily cover the cost of the membership.

If you have any questions just let me know.


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