Painted Honeycomb - Brass & Silver Cuff

August 10, 2016

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This cuff just makes me happy!  I don't know if it is the subtle colors or the beautiful blossoms scattered across the etched cuff.

I started out making this cuff by stamping permanent ink in a honeycomb pattern on the cuff.  I masked off the center portion and stamped on a honeybee.

After immersing in the etching solution and cleaning off I then designed the copper vines that dance across the honeycomb.  Then I soldered those on.

I then formed the cuff and began the careful placement and soldering of the blossoms which I had created earlier.  Each one was cut out by hand with my jewelry saw and then little tiny silver balls were fused to the center.

Soldering on the blossoms was quite a challenge.  I had to do one side and then the other since the cuff's surface was now curved.  I had to also use solder which melted at different temperatures so the first side would not fall off while soldering the second side!  

I did three of these cuffs.  Two of them I left shiny in their natural metal colors, but wanted to try something different with this one.

I used several different colors of alcohol inks to give the background a mottled appearance.  i wanted it to look aged.  I also added just a tiny bit of turquoise that settled next to the copper vines to give it a verdigris look.

The blossoms are painted with a mixture of pink and rose tints and then slightly buffed back to give it an aged look.  I was very pleased with the outcome and will certainly being doing other typed of pieces like this.

For now though I do have a pendant and earrings that match!

To see more pictures and learn more about this cuff CLICK here!

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