So Why Do I Teach?

January 31, 2018

So Why Do I Teach?

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A few decades ago, yes decades, I graduated college with a degree in education and am certified to teach in several areas.  But I never taught.  Life just took off in the other direction.


In business I found myself 'showing' others how to master technology, and work more efficiently. It just seems that no matter what job I held or what I did I was teaching.

A bit after I began learning/doing silversmithing the thought came to me that someday I could teach.  But that thought was quite overwhelming to me.  I barely, not even barely, had one of all the tools I needed much less multiples for students. So the thought was always quickly tossed aside.

Then in the fall of 2016 I met a couple of ladies who kept insisting that I needed to teach them.  I would thank them, always very flattered, and then would kindly say 'no'. But they were persistent.

So I began to think about what I could teach with limited equipment and tools.  So we learned to do the Textured Anti-clastic Cuffs. That class is still one of my best attended classes! I took the money they paid for the class and immediately bought more equipment and tools for students.

They forced me to teach, and I am so glad they did!  Why do I teach? Because I love it. I love the people who come to me a little bit on the timid side not knowing what the class will be like and if they can do it.  And I especially love when they leave with a beautiful piece of jewelry that they themselves made.  I have never seen smiles so wide!

I've made so many friends teaching.  I love my students, miss them when I don't see them, and look forward to when them come back. I teach because I love teaching!

My students have made me a better jewelry designer and silversmith and I thank you!

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P.S.S I've added an additional date for the Gallery SW Cuff Class since the first one sold out.

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