Sometimes Messy is Better!

April 25, 2018

Sometimes Messy is Better!

 From the time we are small we heard one variation of this or another…

“Go clean your room.”

“Pick that up.”

“Stay inside the lines.”

“That is so sloppy.”

“Look at the mess you made.”

“Don’t be so messy.”

And OH YES, as a Mom and a Grammy I have said those very thinks a thousand times.

But sometimes messy is better.

I posted the other day that we were all born to create but somewhere along the road we stopped.  Just flat out shut down our creative side.

Maybe hearing the comments above too many times contributed to that very thing.

But sometimes messy is better.

I love having a clean and tidy house.  In fact I attempt to pick up after myself in the rest of the house because I love a clutter free home. And when I do projects in the rest of the house I pick up when done and clean that area.  But that is not my primary creative space.

But sometimes messy is better.

I read a magazine article probably 3 decades ago that said that the best dressed women have the messiest bedrooms and closets.  Hmmm, that would indicate that the process of creating the best outfits in the world require, or result in, the messiest outcome.

Sometimes messy is better.

My youngest son is an artist at heart.  My other children are creative, but he is a true artist.  Once when he was showing a nephew how to color he was showing him that sometimes coloring outside the lines was better.  I was watching what he was doing and realized that he was right.  There was something about the color escaping the black lines of the drawing just looked better.

Sometimes messy is better.

When I first started doing beaded jewelry years ago I would clean my work space and loved it when it looked so tidy and neat.  I would get it all tidied up and sit down to create.  And then – nothing.  I would sit and try to think of something, anything to make.  A design, colors, styles, and there would be nothing.  My mind would be as blank as the tabletop.

Then there were the days I would go shopping for tons of beads and focal pieces and would come home and just dump them all out on my table in one big mess to look at my prizes.

And that is when my creative mind went nuts!  I would see that this bead lying next to that bead looked amazing.  And another that I had never thought would go with that one was just perfect together.  And suddenly I would have so many ideas I couldn’t get them made fast enough.

Sometimes messy is better.

Give yourself permission to not be so neat all the time.  It really is ok.  I’ve seen people sit down to scrapbook, or bead, or do some other craft, and they are so preoccupied with the mess it is making and constantly cleaning it up that they just can't relax and enjoying being creative.  Tell the mom in your head that right now, just for today, just for this moment, it is better to be messy.  Tell that voice in your head that you will clean it up later, and you will, but for now it is ok to just be messy.

Just yesterday I sent shipments out to my first two stores since I began silversmithing jewelry.  It took much longer and there were many more roadblocks along the way than I had anticipated.  But they are out the door.

Here is a look at the aftermath!


This is my bench top and is actually much cleaner now that all the pieces I was working on are gone.


I don’t know what I did before I had 4 more student benches and 2 more work benches to pile everything on.  Some of this is left over from class on Saturday and some from working on store pieces.


This can be overwhelming at times. But because I am actually very organized and everything really does have a ‘home’ it will be easy to clean up.


Another view of the chaos! From packing and shipping to stuff just pulled out and left.  What a mess!  BUT it is ok for now!


And even more mess.  I am hoping being real with you all will encourage you that it is ok to be messy.  Messy cleans up.  And you are the boss of it all.  Give yourself permission to be messy when you have the desire to create.  Just let go, be free, and enjoy.

Next week I will post about my new vendors and the exclusive items they will be carrying.  I will provide contact info in case you want one of those exclusive items!

Currently I do not have a completed May calendar, however I do have these classes scheduled. Click pics below to read more and to enroll.

Class Date: Saturday April 28th 9-6 (1 spot open)



These classes were scheduled because students requested them.  Please text or email me if you want a specific class scheduled during May.  I will put it on the calendar and advertise for others to join us!

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