Store Exclusives

May 02, 2018

Store Exclusives

Jewelry Class Calendar for May is Up!

Well the first 2 store orders are under my belt and out the door!  I am taking a break from working on 1 more to write this blog.

I promised that I would give you some info on the 2 stores I just sent my product to.  If you are anywhere near them, please go by and look at all their amazing things!

Also, the only way you can purchase the store exclusives is at these stores.  If you are too far away you may call them and order by phone.  This is an incentive I am doing to help my retail stores.

Here are the products and then the store info is below.

 Floating Monarch Medium Brass Cuff

This great cuff has an overall etched pattern of a flurry of Monarchs in flight.  The cuff is shaped into a comfortable anticlastic shape.  Then there is a sweet etched butterfly soldered onto the cuff tucked into the recess of the anticlastic shape.  The inside has been brought to a soft satiny shine.

Floating Monarchs Wide Brass Cuff Trio

This is a stunning cuff!  I started with a 2 inch strip of 18 gauge brass.  I etched an overall pattern of Monarchs in flight and then sawed it apart to replicate 3 separate cuffs. Sitting pretty on top is a beautiful fancy Monarch. The ends of the cuff have a hammered overlay that has been riveted on.  Click the link to see more pics.

Floating Monarchs Wide Brass Cuff Ruffles

 This cuff seems to be a new favorite from those who have seen it!  There is an etched band of Monarchs which has been riveted onto another strip of brass which I forged to create 'ruffles'.  And of course there is a sweet butterfly resting on top.

Click the pics to go to my website and see more pictures and information.  These are limited editions and in the stores only.  They would love for you to contact them and sell you one over the phone.

Please click the links and go to their websites to see all the beautiful items they carry. 

The Escape        
713 S. Main Street                
Georgetown, TX 78626  

 Terra Firma
49 Leonard Street
Belmont, MA 2478

May Jewelry Class Calendar

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