The Buddy System is Best!

January 24, 2018

The Buddy System is Best!

The 1 year anniversary of me teaching Metalsmithing Classes has just past. I cannot tell you what a pleasure it has been to be part of this journey. I have taught 29 different students having taken a total of 93 classes.  The student having taken the most classes took a total of 14 to date.

Picture taken from the very first class.

The class most taken was the Hammered Hearts Earring Class.  It was one of the first beginner classes that I created and has been a favorite among students.

The overall favorite class of students was the Textured Silver Cuff Class. It is fun and relatively easy but the favorite part is at the end when the students look at awe on what they themselves created.

But the thing I have learned about my students is that when there is more than one in the class, whether a friend or family member, their engagement and satisfaction is increased. We have heard it said that, 'Misery loves company." but I have found that, "Learning and fun love company." as well.

If you enroll in class alone you may just find a new friend.  I have seen individuals sign up for a class and become friends with other students.  They enjoy it so much that they plan to take additional classes together and coordinate their schedules accordingly.

So the title of this blog - The Buddy System is Best! - came from seeing just how much more fun classes are when taken with another person.  If you have a friend or relative, encourage them to take a class with you.  If you do not, no worries, just look forward to making new friends while in class.

New classes are almost ready for the February Class Schedule.

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