What is Being Creative, and are You?

March 28, 2018

What is Being Creative, and are You?

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The definition of creative is:

...relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas..

As I said in previous posts I hear people say all the time that they are not creative or they wish they were creative.  I want to remind you that everyone is creative. Don't believe me still?

Have you ever picked out a shirt or blouse to go with your pants or skirt?

Have you ever chosen a new paint color to match your furniture?

Have you ever fixed your hair in a different way?

Have you every rearranged your living room in a different way?

Have you ever chosen plants for you flowerbed?

Have you ever added a new ingredient into an old recipe?

Have you ever imagined anything at all?

You would say 'yes', of course to the above.  But you still don't see yourself as creative.  That may be because you are confusing a creative with a maker.

We are all creative.  We can all imagine things.  If you have see a shirt in your closet and all of a sudden you thought that would be perfect with a certain pair of pants, you just created an outfit.  Creativity begins in the mind of imagination and thought.

At some point we stopped letting our minds wander to imagine.  We were told to stop daydreaming.  But we need to daydream. 

But jumping that divide between being just creative to being a maker puts the brakes on for many people.  That is when they say they just can't.

A maker is someone who makes things, who takes that idea and brings it to life. And that takes something more than a creative idea, it takes fabrication knowledge and skill.

That is where many people stop and say they are not creative, but the truth is they have just not yet learned the fabrication knowledge and acquired the skills to make their creative idea. And that can be acquired by anyone.

I simply LOVE sparking creativity in others! In class we often talk about the project we are working on and how many ways you can change it to make it different.

 In the upcoming class Etched & Riveted Cuff, you get to decide what you want to etch onto your cuff!

In class you will make 2 cuffs!

So for today get used to the idea that you ARE creative.  Just work on letting that sink in and becoming good with it.  Allow yourself to dream, imagine, and create in your mind.  You don't have to make it, just dream it!

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