Why should YOU take a class?

March 12, 2018

Why should YOU take a class?

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Taking a class is not for everyone.  I do realize that.  But there are so many people out there who really want to take a class but just aren't sure if they should. Here are 7 reasons why I think you should take a class...

1) You will walk away with an amazing piece of jewelry!  Yes you can buy the same piece already made from me, and many many of my students do. But with my instruction you can have a piece just as beautiful that YOU made!

Student Project

2) You will learn something new!  I myself love learning.  I can promise you that the classes will not be over your head and that each step is broken down into steps that anyone can follow.  You will never feel left behind or out of sync.

3) You will make some great new acquaintances. You will meet people just like you who are not master jewelers but who love to make jewelry.  They are all skill levels and have had a variety of experiences.  I am always overjoyed when I see long time students welcome new students with open arms.


4) You may discover a new passion. I often tell people that you never know until you try it! I have had students that took one class, enjoyed it but really had no desire to take another one.  They love the jewelry they made but love to do other things more. Now they know because they tried it.  BUT others have seen a new passion birthed in them and have discovered something they LOVE to do.

Student Project

5) You don't have to buy any tools, metals, or supplies to make a beautiful piece of jewelry. I have repeat students who want to keep taking classes and making jewelry but do not want to have their own studio.  With my class structure you can do that.  Many classes I have taken I have had to bring my own tools, metals, and supplies which I bought and then pay for the class. My classes provide you with everything in almost all cases.

Student Projects

6) You may discover a new way to earn money. I have had several students who discovered that not only do they love making the jewelry, they love selling it too! I love to encourage students to create their own designs and sell them. I give them business tips and suggestions to help them succeed.

7) You get to spend time with me, one of the most fun and crazy persons ever.  I have been told that I am incredibly patient - and I am. I teach and am serious about that but I do not take this endeavor so seriously that we don't have a ton of fun along the way.

Here are what a few of my students have said about their class experience...

“A Great Class!”
Nancy walks students through each step of the process from start to finish. She doesn't step in and take over when working at the bench, but guides you each step of the way so that you have the full experience from start to finish. Her instructions are clear, concise, and easy to follow. I left the class with some great additions to my jewelry box! Ill b taking more classes with her in the future! Cindi A.
“Amazing Class!”
I just finished my first class with Nancy and it was so much fun! (Notice my use of words, FIRST class, because I plan to have many more.) She is such a good teacher: informative, patient and so knowledgeable. It is a 2.5 hour drive for me, so it makes for a long day, but the class was definitely worth it. It will be hard to choose, which class to take next! Thanks Nancy! Sherri L.
“First jewelry class with Nancy”
Awesome experience! Expert instructor! Enjoyed working with different metals, techniques, and torches. Great way to learn how to set up your own bench/shop and organization of materials. Class instruction handout to take home with information all beginning jewelers need to know and understand. Being able to sit down in a shop with all the tools available let me know how much I want to set up my own shop. Plenty of light, comfort, laughter and genuine kindness. Looking forward to many more classes and friendship. Sherry D.
“Great instruction!”
The experience with Nancy was very enjoyable. She was very patient and kind. It was definitely a fun and rewarding experience and I've told many friends about her! Highly recommend!!! Christien S.
“An amazing experience”
I have learned so much in every class I have taken. I take Nancy's advice on which classes I am ready for and what order to take them in. I go with my mom and my 15 year old son. Nancy is great at creating pieces that Garrett can make and wear that are unique and different from what we make. I love the jewelry that we create and wear it all the time! Laura R.

To read many more reviews about classes & jewelry click here. Or go to my home page then click the blue "Reviews" tab.

Here is the modified and updated March calendar. There is still time to enroll in a class.

March Schedule

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