Nancy Jackson / Author / Jewelry Designer and Instructor / Business Coach

Nancy Jackson is a mother, grandmother, and  great-grandmother, and lives in Edmond, Oklahoma.

She has been creative her entire life. She began sewing and designing her own clothes at the age of 11. Through her life she was a professional florist, wedding and event planner, interior decorator, jewelry designer, and much more.

She has often used her corporate background and degree in education to train others in those same areas. Most recently she has held classes in her jewelry studio.

She is an entrepreneur at heart and has started and ran many business. She consults one-on-one to help others get started in the business endeavor of their dreams and continue coaching them in the mechanics, such as bookkeeping, marketing, sales, organization, etc.

When she is able to see another entrepreneur succeed she feels great satisfaction. Often when instructing her jewelry students, she would take the time to give them Important tips and insight on how to start and grow their own jewelry business.

Her love for Christ is her first love and knows that He is the reason for her success. She has studied and taught the bible through her life. She is available to speak for motivational or biblical events.

In 2018 she wrote and published 4 novels. They are fiction stories that will engage you from page one and will inspire you unexpectedly. You may purchase her books here or on Amazon.

With more requests to share her business insight, she is currently working on developing an in depth coaching group for those who want to start a business and learn, not just a checklist of to-do’s, but how and why to do them.

It will also help anyone in business who may feel that their business could use a boost. She will teach the how’s and why’s of social media and how to organize it so you manage it instead of it managing you.

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Nancy Jackson

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