Argentium Silver Hammered Hearts Earrings & Pendant Tutorial

Beginning Tutorial 

Learn how to work with Argentium Silver. The finest silver to work with and to wear. Learn about Argentium Silver here.

You will learn:

  1. How to make both a pair of earrings and pendant
  2. How to plan your shape and design
  3. How to add a hammered texture
  4. How to dome to add depth and dimension
  5. How to pierce a design inside your piece
  6. How to saw/cut your piece
  7. How to file, sand, and polish your design
  8. How to add a patina
  9. How to solder on a simple bail - not necessary with Argentium but added for training purposes
  10. How to add a pre-made chain

and so much more!


  • A fully illustrated written tutorial
  • A detailed instructional tutorial with a full supply list and links to buy
  • A set of 4 detailed hi def video tutorials

Copyright  2020 - Nancy Jackson Training 

This tutorial may not be shared or distributed. It is for personal use only and not to be used in a class setting or sold and distributed.

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